• Stupid but Harmless:
  • Examples of these…  Just today from the INBOX I’ve had since 1991 tango(at) Penis Enlargement, Huge Savings…, Meet Local Singles!!, Fatty Liver Remedy, Car Security Systems!, Hips Locking Up?, Mold Removal, etc.    These are rarely harmful. Besides, if you are stupid enough to believe that a complete stranger will give you $8 million USD online…. Well, you shouldn’t be allowed to be anywhere near a computer in the first place.


  • Dangerous to the Individual:

         Typical examples of these are Wells Fargo & PayPal scams.  Individual credentials are lost but risk is likely limited to the individual.


  • Dangerous to the Organization:

          Droppers: A Dropper is an executable program that is installed on a users system invisibly by an infected website or email attachment.  Droppers                  account for 70-80% of the initial attack vectors used in successful breaches of corporate & government entities.